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Work Outfit for Women. Work outfit is no longer just a formal dress worn at work, but also a representation of your personality and professionalism. The selection of appropriate work outfit will show your assertiveness as a career woman. Instead, the selection of which one will give the impression of a less appropriate it is for your performance at work. Here are the things you should consider in choosing women work outfit.

Simple Work Outfit for Women

1. Customize bentu body
Adjust the shape of the body is the basic principle for the selection of all types of clothes we want to buy. For this type of work clothes, for example, women who have shoulder and chest area less proporsial should choose the type of work clothes three button suit jacket alias models / blazer with three buttons. Meanwhile, for the woman who was straight, rather wide choice of suits at the hips to help disguise the lower part of the body that is less proportional.

2. Choose comfortable material
For hot weather, the best clothing material is cotton. Meanwhile, when the temperature is lower and more humid air, lightweight clothing made from wool will warm you. Avoid choosing a dress made from polyester and any type of material that easily tangled.

3. Appropriate size
Formal dress would look good if not greatness nor too tight. There are several ways to measure the size of work clothes. For example, for work pants, check its size with wear and placing two fingers on the side of the pants waist your work. When fitted to the second finger, then you’ve found the most fitting pants with size.

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Look Beautiful with Work Outfit

Fashionable with Work Outfit

Cute Work Outfit for Women

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