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Why you look more slim with black dress? The black color is known for its ability to streamline the body when worn as a dress or shirt color. By using your body black dress will look thinner than the original. It is therefore generally black clothes closet is definitely available in women. But, do you know why someone can look thinner when wearing a black shirt or dress ?

Black Dress

It turns out that the key is in shadow. The black color does not reflect the light it receives. By wearing a black or dark colored, hollow body or body parts will be masked convex shaped. In contrast to the use of white or light colors on clothes, body image will clarify the shape of the curve of the body. So that the parts of the body fat will be more visible.

There are some exceptions to the ability possessed slimming black. For example, if you use shiny materials like satin, gloss fabric will reflect light and make the shadow visible, so the black color effect will be lost. Ability to slimming black color is also only effective for front and rear, does not apply to the display from the side. When viewed from the side, the shape of the body will become clear again.

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Why You Look More Slim with Black Dress ? - Dress Collection Inspiration