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What to Wear to a Fall Wedding
Choosing the right fall wedding dresses is very important because you would not want to upset the bride by being too casual and you also do not want to create too much attention towards you that would upstage the most important woman during the event—the bride. Nevertheless, looking beautiful and amazing in any occasion is also essential so you might as well get a dress that will make you pretty during this special event. If you are looking for the right dresses to wear to a fall wedding, the following are the simple tips to guide you on what to wear for a fall wedding:Check the Color MotifMake sure to dress up in shades not similar to what the bridesmaids are wearing so you will not look like a member of the wedding entourage and not stand out among the crowd. The least thing that you can do is to wear something very bright in contrast with the motif because this will draw attention to you. It is also good to use fall colors such as turquoise, purple, maroon, marigold and dark green.  But please, don’t wear brown as it could look very sad during a happy wedding event. The following are some of the dresses that you can wear to a fall wedding.A purple dress is very flattering during fall wedding eventsGetting a floral dress in old rose also blends with the falling of the flowers

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What to Wear to a Fall Wedding - Fashion Collection Inspiration