Wearing Ideas about Long Blazers
Wearing Ideas about Long Blazers, While winter has already gone far away and the summer has not come yet, we take off our winter jackets and pick up some lighter and thinner coats for a warm spring. At this time, our attention is captured by the stylish blazer. They keep us away from coldness and bring us stylish appearances. In my eyes, women are cool and sophisticated with a blazer. Yet, the long blazer will make the look chicer and not so formal. Long blazers are cool and feminine at the same time. They must be the best coat for spring.For a cheerful spring look, you can choose long blazers in the hottest pastel hues, such as pink, pale green or jasmine. That will make you look more youthful and fashionable. If you wear the classic ones, say white or black, you can pair them with old jeans or casual denim skirts. That will you stylish and give you some fresh taste. Of course, you can pair them with formal blouse and pants, which is a never-wrong and classic combinations for your office look.Well, the following pictures are 18 best ideas about how to wear a long blazer. Check them out and try them out! That is really Amazing!

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