Hi ladies, this time I want to share with you about Trendy Ways to Wear Bandanas. Bandana, basically can be used anytime and with any style. Sporty, trendy, or feminine. One popular style is to wear thin bandana close to the hairline, where the hair is set with disheveled style, for a fresh look. But remember, when you decide you want to appear with a style like this, be sure to wear makeup and accessories to avoid the impression of just waking up on your appearance.

Another way is to simply tie your hair into a ponytail and then wear a bandana that matched the style of your clothing. Or it could also let your hair loose and use biodegradable bandana as “frame” that will sweeten your appearance.

The best thing about the bandana is that it can be used for almost any hair style and hair type. Will look gorgeous in long straight hair, curly or short hair in a bob. No matter what style your hair, try using a bandana for a different look.

Let’s see photo Trendy Ways to Wear Bandanas :

Trendy Ways to Wear Bandanas
Trendy Ways to Wear Bandanas

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