Trendy Updos Medium Length Hair
Trendy Updos Medium Length Hair, Casual? Yes. Chic? Yes. Still beautiful enough for a high-end social event? Absolutely. A low bun is quick and easy, and by simply tossing a braid above your bun you can create a striking style that pairs well with any earrings and apparel.Faux Hawks aren’t reserved for punk rock concerts and music festivals; they can easily be intertwined into an updo that’s both charismatic and flashy. The flurry of curly volume down the center of the crown are instantly enhanced by a series of polished fishtail braids, making one knockout style that’s sure to be the talk of the party.A series of bold, voluptuous buns rolled up in single file order down the middle of the crown makes for one enchanting style that’s definitely set apart from the crowd. This look works best with lighter hair colors and those with dimensional highlights and lowlights to really show off the spacing and design of the bun hawk.

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