Trendy Short Hairstyles to Cheer you Up Spring
Trendy Short Hairstyles to Cheer you Up Spring , Spring is the time of reviving. It is the most cheerful season in a year. What about you? I suppose you must have the same feeling with me: We are tired of the dullness and lifelessness of the cold winter, and we want to refresh ourselves. So, let’s start with a cheerful short hairstyle. Cut your hair short and embrace the aliveness it brings to you. In my view, women who wear a short haircut had better keep bangs with the short hair. No matter you choose the popular short bob, great short curls or the delicate straight cut, bangs help to soften your look, adding feminine touch to the final look. Short hairstyle is easy to maintain as long as your hair is cut in a great style. Just leave them natural on your head, and you can get a natural beauty look. You can also fix them with mousse to a certain sculpt. For example, you can flip out you side-parted bangs, curl them inward or messily teased the hair around the ear. If you are not skillful enough to do this, just opt for a simple bob, making it smooth with thick bangs is also gorgeous. Just take a look at these cheerful short hairstyles, maybe you can get more inspirations from them.image credit:

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