Trendy Short Haircut Concept Women
Trendy Short Haircut Concept Women, Looking to give your adorable short bob haircut some hip and trendy coloring? Aqua is an awesome choice! It dips into that ‘mermaid hair’ trend just a pinch, while also indulging the popular blue hair color style without going too dark. It’s a light, airy color that looks so , so cute on a short bouncy bob such as this.Darker brown roots lightened up with a sexy, caramely blonde hue creates a sun-kissed style that’s very natural and delicate. Opting for a graduated bob haircut ensures there’s an edgy appeal to your look, with the addition of waves creating a very sensuous finish that’s summer-ready.Undercuts aren’t just for the boys; if you are feeling daring and want to take a ride on the wild side, ask your stylist for an undercut and shave down one side of your mane as well for an extra dose of edgy attitude. With the lengthier bits, curl them into some luscious ringlets to offset the edginess of this look with some feminine beauty.

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