Trendy Pixie Haircuts Short Hair Styles Women
Trendy Pixie Haircuts Short Hair Styles Women, Layers are absolutely everything when it comes to a pixie cut. Experimenting with layers creates body, texture and volume exactly as pictured in the amazing style above. Start by asking for a pixie cut, keeping the bottom layer of hair around the ear level, but close to the head. Work a side fringe in to frame your face. From the longer layers at the bottom, gradually work shorter layers towards the top of the head and tousle for effect.Sometimes with a pixie cut, the most clean cut can be the most effective, Take this stunning white blonde crop for example, the cut is smooth and sleek with a simply stunning result. Start by getting the hair chopped into a pixie cut. State that you want some length on the top of the head and a sweeping side fringe. Dye your hair a bright blonde and you’re ready to go!Pastels are undeniably a growing trend within the hair industry. From pinks to purples, greens to yellows, pastel hues are climbing up the fashion rankings. We adore this pretty pink pixie cut! To recreate, ask for a pixie cut with longer layers towards the front of the face. Dye your favourite pastel pink shade and sweep the layers forward for a fabulous finish.

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