Look Beautiful Hairstyles with Headbands

Look Beautiful Hairstyles with Headbands. Experimenting with headbands worth a try if you want to make the hair more volume. The trick, pretty hair sasak top, then insert headbands. Let the dangling strands of natural hair. For day to day activities, select headbands are made ​​of plastic and not much detail. Meanwhile, for a party, a headband […]

2014 Hairstyle Inspiration: Fringes

2014 Hairstyle Inspiration: Fringes. Hair is the crown for women. Right haircut can be one good solution to refresh your appearance. By following the development trend of hair styles is growing and demand a lot of people, then we can also look more attractive and certainly will seize the attention of others. Just as a side […]

Oscars 2014 Celebrity Hairstyles

Oscars 2014 Celebrity Hairstyles. Oscar 2014 which is the highest award event has many interesting moments, see Hollywood’s leading ladies put their best hope is definitely one of the best highlights of the show. Some of the best beauty trends often seen on the red carpet, and the 2014 Oscar beauty look clearly has the […]

Trends Casual Long Hairstyle Today

Trends Hairstyle for a woman is very important. From casual long hairstyles to show a beautiful woman. Simple and casual hair style can enhance the charm and personality that sometimes looks simple and beautiful. Thingking about you should take into consideration is your facial features and lifestyle. You have to update yourself on the latest […]

2014 Hairstyle with Bangs

2014 Hairstyle with Bangs. In the selection of appropriate hairstyles bangs, there are two things that really need to consider is your face shape and hair type itself. Because most people look after the pony models that are popular or see other people own gorgeous with bangs style, the person directly apply when cutting hair. The following […]

Celebrity Hairstyle at the BAFTA Awards 2014

Celebrity Hairstyle at the BAFTA Awards 2014. BAFTA Awards 2014 held at the Royal Opera House in London to show the beauty of the interesting and inspiring, because a lot of talented celebrities appear diacara. With hair style and make up a nice, celebrities look more beautiful and stunning. Here are some celebrities who shone at […]

Flower Hair Accessories for Spring 2014

Flower Hair Accessories for Spring 2014. In the world of fashion, accessories are the objects to add to the beauty of a person subject to the wearer. Form of accessories and many of them related to gender roles wearer. This flower hair accessories is beautiful to look more graceful and feminine. We can use this flower hair accessories […]