Top  Kate Beckinsale Hairstyles
Top Kate Beckinsale Hairstyles, Many people thought Kate Beckinsale was lucky as she got the great chance to act as the leading lady in the war film Pearl Harbor. She is also lucky to be born with a beautiful face. With her oval face shape, she looks flattering with any almost any hairstyles.In this post, you will see 22 great hairstyles of Kate, including ponytail, wavy hairstyles and updos. Check out the pictures and get some inspirations for you 2014 hairstyles. Kate Beckinsale Hairstyles: 2014 Voguish Ponytails
The ponytail hairstyles are wise choices for all women to get a younger and cheerful look. For a neat and briskly trendy look, you can learn from Kate. Tease all your hair back and fluff the crown. Add some height and air to the top, which will make you outstanding. As for the tail, you can style them into intensive waves, loose curls or just tapered straight hair. Any style will be stunning.

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