The Proper Way Wash Hair if Youre Losing It
The Proper Way Wash Hair if Youre Losing It, Tip #1: When picking out a shampoo and conditioner the keyword here is volumizing. A volumizing or thickening shampoo will give your hair a more fuller appearance and this will help by blocking any type of light from hitting your scalp and revealing thinning or hair loss.Tip #2: Don’t shampoo every day, your hair has limits! Shampoos contain sulfate and other chemicals that strip the essential oils from your hair that keep it soft and healthy. Too much shampoo use can lead to brittle and weak hair that falls and breaks very easily.Tip #3: And finally, take it easy on the towel drying! If you know your hair is prone to thinning and breakage the last thing you wanna do is agitate it with some rough towel drying that will cause breakage and fall out. Dry very gently.

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