Style Messy Short Hair Cuts Creative Women Short Hairstyles
Style Messy Short Hair Cuts Creative Women Short Hairstyles, We’re starting strong with this beautifully tousled bob. Cut a bob around the jaw level right around the face. Ensure the ends are cut bluntly. Work lots of layers throughout the cut towards the top of the head. Start with a brown dye at the roots and quickly blend to a blonde shade at the ends. Add curls from top to bottom and run your fingers through your hair with product to create a tousled finish.Golden blonde is a beautiful hair colour – which is why we love this bob so much! Cut your hair in a medium length bob. Make sure the bottom layer is kept close to the head. The top layer should be longer. Cut a fringe towards the front of the face to finish the style. Add hair product to your fingers and loosely run through your hair for this incredible edgy look.Pixie cuts are the best way to show off your features. Create the perfect low maintenance and high impact style by chopping your hair into a pixie crop. Leave a long fringe section on one side and add lots of layers. The more layers the bouncier the cut – so be brave. Finish with a metallic blue dye all over and loosely flick the ends. Flick the top layers up for a fabulous silhouette.

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