Stunning Medium Bob Hairstyles
Stunning Medium Bob Hairstyles, Full, framing fringes cut just below eyebrow level are an easy way to frame your face and create a cool image while loose curls give the hair a touch of coquettish attitude. We’re also loving her hints of purple throughout her jet black mane, a trendy way to add a touch of texture and dimension. An all-around A+ look!Of course she would look lovely wearing anything, but we’re really loving her relaxed hairstyle! The asymmetrical cut is a little bit funky, and her messy locks are casual and cool. She makes it look sultry and divine pairing it up with some super dark lips!Cut just above the shoulders, this MOB is a bit on the shorter side. Everything is left lengthy from back to front, creating a simple and casual style that works for women of all ages.

Published by Soraya

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