Short Hairstyles Women Over   Pixie Haircuts Update
Short Hairstyles Women Over Pixie Haircuts Update, The two-toned, black and white color designs are always present in the latest short hairstyles, showing how much we love this contrast.  This cut creates a ‘hip’ urban chic image with strong lines in the black section and a feathery vibe above.  The shape of the head is shown by short, close layers at the nape, beneath the crown’s longer, blonde section. The forward styling creates movement and texture ending in a casual, side-swept fringe.  The overall impression created here is a stylish woman, with effortless Boho elegance!This well-groomed short hairstyle is also full of trendy features that mark it out from the rest!  Adding black ombré to brunette hair is a new hair color idea which isn’t yet a mainstream look.  But we love the way it has been added to this swept-over short-cut to make it fresh and different. There’s attractive texture on top which the black ombré accentuates. And another edgy detail in the extra-long, side-point, finishing the smoothly-curved bangs with a contrasting spiky tip.You may not be quite as young as the model for this easy-care, short haircut, but age is not a barrier to wearing the latest short hairstyles!  The short-back-and-sides haircut with ‘undercut’ sides crossed over from punk to mainstream a while ago.  And white hair with dark roots is a fashionable, new, color idea for all women – over-40, under-30 or any age at all.  The barriers are breaking down and we no longer have to pick a style that society feels is suitable for a certain age.  So this updated basin-cut, with textured tips softening the line of deep, straight-across bangs could well be your flattering, new look!

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