Short Haircuts Fine Hair  New Looks Office Beach
Short Haircuts Fine Hair New Looks Office Beach, Instead of struggling to get density and volume into long, fine hair, this fashionable short haircut will cut your styling time down to next to nothing!  Combed forwards with a fab horizontal section around the crown, this super-chic urban look will stay smart from dawn to dusk!  I especially like the textured back sections in light to dark shades.  As fine hair isn’t thick enough for stacked layers, the hair is divided into 3 different textures accentuated by bands of color!This platinum shade is softened by a beige toner around the crown and a hint of light-blue beneath.  The roots are only slightly darker than the rest and there’s a nice round shape at the back. Even the nape has rounded ‘corners’, so this is a more feminine look than the white-blonde-black-roots versions.   And with side-points halfway down the ear, this asymmetric pixie haircut accentuates your eyes in a groovy new hairstyle!For a fairly natural shade of blonde that’s totally up-to-the-minute, you can’t beat this light ash-beige shade!  It’s a gentle way to turn mousey-brown/dark-blonde hair into a smart, chic look.  The cut is edgy, with the back and sides buzzed short.  However, in a light color they don’t have a harsh, shaved vibe.  The deep, side parting creates an asymmetric, side-swept fringe that contrasts with the short, side point. This ‘hip’ modern haircut will keep you cool all summer long!

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