Short Brown Hairstyles Fizz Short Haircut Concept
Short Brown Hairstyles Fizz Short Haircut Concept, This is a special-date look, which will show off a pretty tattoo when you’re wearing an off-the shoulder outfit!  The hair is cut in a long, angled bob with tapered tips to remove bulk at the ends.  Styling is the clever bit about this lively short hairstyle, with overlapping twists creating fabulous texture and density.  Flicked-out straightened tips keep the vibe edgy and subtle, light-brown balayage highlights the lively movement to perfection!If you have thick hair, it’s almost a crime not to wear one of the many modern angled bobs!  The angled bob is a classic look that always manages to look modern and hip!  It seems that bouffant back volume is reminiscent of a formal up-style, but the face-framing strands suggest hair that has recently ‘tumbled down’. The straight sides have lightly textured tips to blur and soften the edge.  But it’s the exaggerated roundness and gorgeous copper-beige balayage that make this an eye-catching, party-ready look!Lighten the look of heavy, thick hair with this modern bob that catches the light beautifully!  You can control medium – thick hair with a medium/short bob cut just below chin-length – one of the most flattering lengths.  It’s a trendy, but natural look using neutral beige-blonde shades cleverly applied between root and tip.  This emphasises the curved shape and lifts the solid look of dark hair through cute light reflections!

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