She Cuts An Old T-Shirt. The End Result? So Adorable
She Cuts An Old T-Shirt. The End Result? So Adorable, We all have some old fashion pieces at home that we love it a lot and we do not want to throw them away. But why do not upcycle them? Here is a perfect very easy and so creative way to do this with your lovely old t – shirt. Kim Kovelle at Metro Parent is turn those old t-shirts into awesome scarves and necklaces. Metro Parent is dedicated to easy and fun cooking and craft projects that are totally doable at home. This is such a great craft, and could even be easy enough to do with the kids (keeping them away from the scissors of course). What an awesome gift idea too! You’ll need: T-shirt (or a few, depending on how many colors you’ll want in your scarf) and a pair of fabric scissors. After you cut strips along the width of the shirt, you stack them and cut through them in one place so that you have long strands of cuts. Then, anchor the strands under something heavy, and braid down the length. Check the whole process on the video bellow. Enjoy!

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