Shaved Haircuts Short Hair  Sassy Edgy  Chic
Shaved Haircuts Short Hair Sassy Edgy Chic, There’s something very liberating about short hairstyles and when you add shaved sections, the feeling of freedom is stronger than ever!  This model is delighted with her radical new look, which also emphasizes her femininity by uncovering the nape and neck.  The back is shaved up high leaving a fairly short basin-cut section radiating out from the crown.  There’s cute curved shape along the side joining the back to the long bangs with a neat, side-point framing the face.  In pale blonde with darker roots, this eye-catching look is gaining in popularity every day!This lovely haircut has a shaved detail on the shorter side, wavy height on top and a lovely side-swept long fringe.  Unfortunately, the model has a long/thin face, which does not look good in this style, I’m sorry to say. (Long faces need volume on the sides.)  However, it’s perfect for making round faces and chubby cheeks seem slimmer!  The beige-blonde color is spot-on for today’s fashionable women and makes a super, new choice for adding style to dark-blonde/mousey-brown hair.  And this shade really highlights the model’s fabulous, green eyes. Tousled waves and flipped-out details make a narrow forehead appear wider.Here’s a great hair design that adds fashion-flair and clever patterning to fine/medium hair.  It’s a boy-cut based on the Eton-crop, updated with dual-blonde highlighting for fantastic color depth.  The layers are ‘sliced’, which is usually only used on thick hair, but this haircut uses the technique to create an amazing, 3-dimensional striped texture!  This is another trendy way to wear a shaved, short-back-and-sides hairstyle.  Long layers on top can also be worn in a fashionable high ponytail.

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