This time I want to share with you about Ripped Jeans for Women Trends. Ripped jeans itself started the trend since 1970 in which this pant is synonymous with rock and roll and punk and usually worn by men. This kind of pants is not just a mere ragged pants, it has its own commercial value in the eyes of the designers. The term “faded more and more cool” is very suitable given to jeans, faded here does not mean indiscriminate faded, but still has its own positive points. Maybe for some people to have a negative value to this torn jeans.

But with a growing fashion trend all become commonplace. Once the signs of poverty and a symbol of rebellion, torn jeans became a global trend that began to be accepted by many people. For the women also have started many who use the ripped jeans. They argue pants have a style that is more powerful than ordinary jeans. Ripped jeans if worn always show the impression of sloppy and just for casual style.

Let’s see photo Ripped Jeans for Women Trends :


Ripped Jeans for Women Trends
Ripped Jeans for Women Trends

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