Refreshing Short Pixie Haircuts
Refreshing Short Pixie Haircuts , It seems that all kinds of the stylish pixie haircuts are still to be an important part for the hairstyle trends of this season. They can be extremely tomboyish as well as divinely feminine. Today, we’ll offer you 14 refreshing short pixie haircuts to give an inspiration for your next haircut this summer.When you are considering cutting yourself a short pixie, you should also put your hair color into consideration. What makes a difference for the new pixie trend is that it going to be shown with more textures. You can opt for this fresh razored edge for the hot weather. Its slightly ragged edges and feathery nape give it a soft and feminine style compared with other edgy-chic pixie haircuts. For those girls who’d like to make a statement with their hairstyles, the super short pixie with spikes would be a perfect choice for you. It also looks fun and trendy at the same time. Check our pictures below for more pixie haircuts here! 

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