Punk Hairstyles Men
Punk Hairstyles Men, If one thing is certain about punk hairstyles, it’s that there are no boundaries. Anything goes. Punk has taken its influence from many genres including glam, rock, skinhead, greasers, and mods, leaving each individual the freedom to create his own look. Rock musicians first brought punk into vogue casting a new trend towards free-thinking and individualism. In recent years Steampunk has come onto the hair and fashion scene. Steampunk takes its roots from a subgenre of science fiction, with or without an element of fantasy, that incorporates technology and designs inspired from the industrial age. Steampunk takes its first cue from either Victorian England or America’s Wild West, as modern technologies are reinvented into fashion works of art. Rock PunkRock punk moves beyond the Mohawk, Faux Hawk, and Liberty Spikes. New trends take those and others styles and add precision scissoring, razoring, or coloring to add flare and a sense of uniqueness to the look. Think traditional punk styles that are amped up enough to really make them your own.

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