Pretty Short Hairstyles Women
Pretty Short Hairstyles Women, It seems that the short hairstyles are not being as popular as last year. But it is also not a bad idea to go short when you get tired of your long locks. Thus, you can save plenty of time before going out in the morning. Besides, the short hairstyles will also give you a glamorous look just like the long wavy hair. If you have any doubt about this, just check out our picked 12 pretty short hairstyles for women below!Many celebrities opt for the cool short hairstyles as their red carpet appearance like Anne Hathaway. Compared with the long hairstyles, short hairstyles can help to shift the attention to your facial features other than the long locks. Besides, the cool short hair will be able to add an ultra modern-chic sense to your final style. It will also show you more youthful and refreshing if you are having short hair. And you needn’t always go to the hairdresser to get your hair trimmed any more. 

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