Pretty Short Hairstyles Women Easy Everyday Haircuts
Pretty Short Hairstyles Women Easy Everyday Haircuts, Platinum is a standout shade that’s sure to get you noticed, but what really makes this hairstyle stand out is the edgy undercut that’s softened by some lengthier pieces up top. She adds a hint of layering to her mane, tossing them over to one side for a coy finish.Layers add a significant amount of bulk and trend to any style, but it’s extra fabulous when placed on a pixie. The layers add to the overall chic appeal of this short haircut, while a light auburn hue creates a warm finish that’s both striking yet sensual.This look is really lovely for the ladies out there who want to keep a little bit of length while still sporting some short tresses. She sides and back of her mane are buzzed extra-short, making the lengthier locks on top the focal point. Styling them with some subtle wave and volumizing a tinge creates a feminine appearance that softens the face.

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