Pretty French Braid Ponytail Concept
Pretty French Braid Ponytail Concept, This look is SO cool- and the best part is, it’s not something you would see very often; which is awesome for ladies who love to make a statement. This high ponytail is decorated with a charming halo french braid, followed by a side swept french braid, a bit of tousling and turning around the hair band, and some loosely curled ends to tie it all together.It’s got that ‘schoolgirl chic’ look we all know and adore; and the best part is, it’s easy to throw together. Start off with some double french braids, pulling it back into a mid-height ponytail. Pair with your favorite school attire for an innocent, yet super stylish appearance.One thing a low ponytail lacks is BODY; but now, it doesn’t have to. The great thing about adding an accenting dutch braid to the top of your locks, is it instantly gives the look a bit of bulk and fullness that you wouldn’t normally get with a simple low pony.

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