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Putting on pretty eyeliner can add brilliance to your eyes. There are various beginner and advanced eyeliner styles that you can wear depending on your mood and style for a particular day. Here are the top styles and how you can do them like a pro:Top Lash line EyelinerProbably the simplest eyeliner style, the top lash line eyeliner avoids screwing up your eyes especially so if it’s your first time to wear eyeliner. Achieve this look by using a kohl pencil liner and start from the inner edge to the outer edge of the top lash line. While doing this, make sure that your eyes are closed and you pull the lid up when you draw your top lash line. If it’s your first time, you won’t expect to get a perfect line, but you can smudge using a chiseled brush to create a smooth look. Brightening EyelinerWearing black eyeliner in days wherein you haven’t slept the night before can make you look like a walking zombie in the day. To achieve bright eyes without adequate sleep, you can use beige eyeliner on your waterline to counteract tired eyes. Beige eyeliner can make your eyes appear larger. When drawing your waterline, use your index finger to pull down your lower lid as you draw your line.

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Pretty Eyeliner Styles for Beginners and Professionals - Fashion Collection Inspiration