Most Striking Colored Hairstyles
Most Striking Colored Hairstyles , If you want to distinguish yourself from others and show off your strong personalities, go to color your hair with a striking bright color. There’re many kinds of ways to color you hair and many colored hairstyles for your specific demands. Ombre hairstyle would show perfect on brunettes, while balayage hairstyle could work on all hair colors. The recently popular dip-dye hairstyle is most seen among teenagers as the dipped ends look so edgy and full of rebellion, but it can be transformed to suit women of other age groups too.As we all know, the hair color should go with the skin tone and striking bright colors would be more flattering with paler skin. But if you have a dark skin color, consider having some highlights painted or foiled sporadically on your whole hairstyle as they could show your skin color lighter as dark shades would make you appear darker and older. Now, most girls with pale skin color would want to have a dark sun-kissed color, as they thought it would show them sexier and healthier, I suggest going with the combination of blond and brown or ombre style.

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