Messy Hairstyles Short Hair  Quick Chic
Messy Hairstyles Short Hair Quick Chic, This short bob haircut with natural-looking beige and ash-blonde streaks is just perfect for softening dark hair, without losing sight of your ‘roots’. LOL!  Of course, beige isn’t really a natural blonde shade, but it always looks more sophisticated than brighter blonde shades.  This asymmetrical bob has a side-parting with a casual look in the hair tucked behind one ear.  And there’s height over the forehead to add length to a round face or to minimise a broad forehead on a heart face.  It suits the model’s dainty nose-piercing and subtle makeup style beautifully!This clever blend of gray roots, with ash- and narrow beige balayage is a wonderful artistic creation for fine hair!  This highly skilled colorist shows exactly how to add texture and volume to fine or medium hair, using optical illusions!  I can count four balayage shades, which are all very close on the shade chart, not counting the gray roots. And as light colors seem closer and darker colors appear further away, you get a 3-D effect.  3-D highlighting has been around for a while now, but this year almost all balayage styles use 3, 4 or even more closely matched shades.  3-D is perfect on messy hairstyles as hair tresses part naturally to show the depth, as well as length!If you have thick hair, this short bob haircut is a super, business-like hairstyle that will stay in place throughout a busy day at work.  And with a little extra tousled volume added, to break the strong, smooth lines, you’ll look casual and ready for after-hours relaxation.  And although the model is a brunette, she projects the image of a blonde, professional woman via expertly applied balayage in beige and ash-blonde.  Thick, dark hair often loses its color earlier than other hair-colors, and with this clever technique – your gray hairs will all be blended in to a modern hair-color design!

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