Medium Layered Hairstyles Beige Brown  AshBlonde Fashion Colors
Medium Layered Hairstyles Beige Brown AshBlonde Fashion Colors, This appealing medium layered hairstyle gives a look of luxury and relaxed style in every way!  The long layers and gentle, deep waves suggest a ‘laid-back’ personality, who takes life as it comes.  And the modern blending of beige and cocoa-brown, highlighted in caramel, honey and butterscotch-blonde sound like a luxury dessert from a very posh restaurant!Fine or medium hair will look thicker with this super cut and beautiful beige and brown hair color design!  The hair is almost the same length all around, so you don’t lose any of your natural thickness.  And the ends are blunt-cut, with just a touch of trendy texturing, which always adds a denser look.  The contrast between dark and light shades on the lightly tousled, softly defined waves gives the impression of more density that we all value!This gorgeous windswept look is the perfect way to show off your trendy hair colors!  The cocoa brown low-lights add a subtle hint of warmth that balances out the neutral beige tones beautifully.  And running lightly through the tousled wave pattern are light, beige-blonde highlights to emphasize the incredible texture and movement.  This informal, modern style is bound to impress!

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