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Making Beginners’ DIY Friendship Bracelets
Today, you’ll start learning about the simplest friendship bracelet making method there is then we’ll show you ways to amp it up. To do this, you will need the following:Start by taking three strands of your preferred material to make the bracelet. If your chosen string, cord or thread is too thing, you can take as much as you want and bundle them up as one. Measure each of the three strings by looping them about twice or thrice around your wrist then cut. Once you’ve got all 3 measured, bring them together and tie them in a knot then clip it on to your clip board to secure it from wiggling while you do the craft.

The simplest thing to do now is to start braiding the strings like you would your hair using the traditional braiding method, or the French braid method. Braid it all the way through until you reach the end then attach the clasps and cut off the excess. This would be the most basic design for friendship bracelets. Of course, you can use more intricate styles like fishtail braids and 5 strand braids using more strands if you know how to do them.

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Making Beginners’ DIY Friendship Bracelets - Fashion Collection Inspiration