Long Pixie Hairstyles Fit  Flatter  Women Short Haircut
Long Pixie Hairstyles Fit Flatter Women Short Haircut, I’ve noticed that a lot of hair-fashion writers are confused between ash-blonde and beige-blonde.  And this could cause a terrible misunderstanding between you and your colorist!  So here’s how to identify the new blondes and decide which is going to suit your complexion best.  Ash-blonde is definitely gray in tone, like the style shown above.  But pale beige-blonde is a neutral shade that doesn’t look gray or golden!  Ash-blonde suits pale skin with pink in it, because this signals cool undertones.  But beige-blonde is a softer shade that suits cool, warm and neutral undertones in your complexion.Thick, coarse hair is perfect for this unstructured pixie haircut as the natural volume and density won’t go flat on you!  This asymmetrical haircut has a deep side part, to cover a wide forehead on the model’s heart-shaped face.  The cut also features messy tips, which have been carefully thinned-out to avoid unwanted bulk at the sides.  Height on top adds length to round, wide and heart shaped faces and this haircut really accentuates the model’s eyes and red lips.  This draws attention away from a wide forehead and a narrow chin in a very well-tailored pixie hairstyle!Wow!  This individual haircut in a cool futuristic color is another perfectly tailored pixie cut, which echoes her urban-chic style and balances her face shape!  The fluffy, textured pixie balances the model’s oblong or ‘diamond-shaped’ face.  This face-shape is wider than usual between the nose and chin, with a sharply angled jaw, instead of a tapered jawline and chin.  So the face has strong, straight sides with a ‘chiseled-point’ chin.  And if you look at the flattering shape of the textured top, you’ll see that it echoes the shape of her wide jaw and pointy chin exactly!  The focus is firmly fixed on her center face – bright lips, nose-ring, mirror shades and the stunning cut and color on top – and not on the model’s wide jawline!  A brilliant job!

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