Long Lasting Lip Colors using Matte Lipstick - Fashion Collection

Long Lasting Lip Colors using Matte Lipstick
Since matte lipsticks don’t have that shine, they are best worn in daylight because they make you look younger and look more natural. Younger women tend to love matte lipstick more than other types of lipsticks simply because they don’t need the shine to create a healthy look on their lips. Older women may not like matte lipsticks because they make the dry skin look drier in appearance.An advantage of matte lipstick is it has a rich color that tends to offer full coverage on the lips and it rarely causes lipstick pigmentations. Matte lipsticks also do not contain much oil as compared to gloss or crème lipsticks. If matte lipstick is your choice, here are some of the best matte lipsticks that you can have:]Matte Red LipstickWhen we talk about matte finish lipstick, red is the most common lip color that women pick. This is because matte red lipsticks are very rich and very lively that will surely make you look very sexy and seductive. Red lipsticks are usually hard to maintain because any light areas may make your lips lack fullness. So if you are trying to use red lipstick, better use matte lipsticks such as this one worn by Angelina Jolie.For brighter lips, you can use a deep red matte lipstick such as this one.

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Long Lasting Lip Colors using Matte Lipstick - Fashion Collection Inspiration