Learn Hailey Clauso Spring  Collections Lovers + Friends
Learn Hailey Clauso Spring Collections Lovers + Friends, The Lovers + Friends Spring 2014 collection has been photographed on the Venice Beach. The lovely and sexy young model Hailey Clauson is seen as the major character. In this fabulous collection, Hailey shows off the new trend of this season by wearing outfits in a mixed fashion. You can see her wearing lacy tops, tropical prints and knitwear in light weight. All of her outfits are embellished with fantastic accessories.If you have seen this gallery of pictures, it’s not hard to find out that bright colors and bold prints are the trend for the season. Soon, a lot of young girls pursuing the trend will be seen wearing outfits in this style. Catch the trend, be an adorable lover and great friend with these stylish pieces. Take a look at the pictures below and enjoy yourself!Learn from Hailey Clauso: Spring 2014 Collections for Lovers + Friends

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