Layered Bob Hairstyles  Look Fab New Blonde Shades
Layered Bob Hairstyles Look Fab New Blonde Shades, Here’s a great cut and color for fine or medium hair types.  It avoids the problems of lank, greasy or fine hair by bleaching the top layers.  This not only turns darker hair into a bright neutral blonde, but also adds density from drier, thicker strands.  The trendy neutral-blonde shade is softened by cute golden tips at the nape above a neat neck-line!This lively waved bob shows exactly how to make the best of fine hair without the constant worry of it looking ‘flat’.  The gently angled bob line, avoids leaving sections of thin hair at the tips.  And the waved layering means hair can be fluffed-up to create the look of thicker hair.  With high-fashion beige and caramel above ice-blue ombré, it’s a totally trendy look!If you’re feeling the need for a style update, this classic chin-length bob in a careful blend of platinum- and ice-blue-blonde is hip and eye-catching!  And not only for high-fashion young women, this is also one of the most face-flattering bobs for women over 40. If your hair is already white – even better – you’ll save the time and expense of salon bleaching!

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