Jennifer Lopez Brown Ponytail Hair Styles
Jennifer Lopez Brown Ponytail Hair Styles. Because the pattern is simple, a ponytail is a style that is almost always used by most women in their daily life. Well, how to style your hair look perfect ponytail?

First, direct dry. To create a super-sleek ponytail and put the hair in the direction you want, instantly dry your hair tied up shortly after.

Second, tilt head. When pulling the hair into a ponytail, tilt your head slightly to produce a tight bond.

Third, use a hair bungee. Ordinary rubber could not tie my hair in the grip of the same within a period. Therefore, use a hair bungee to wrap your ponytail. To keep it tidy, turn one end of a bungee clockwise, then rotate the other end of the bungee in the opposite direction. Then, tie the two concludes with a tight knot.

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