Jennifer Garner Comfort Medium Layered Textured Hairstyle
This post we will discuss the special women shoulder-length hair that is proper because the model we discussed a lot of shoulder-length hair style, hairstyle is also different. Shoulder-length hairstyles become the choice of most of the women, of this because besides being troublesome shoulder length hair when styled shoulder-length hair is also an option if not confident woman with short hair. Therefore, here are two ladies shoulder length hair that is very popular today.

First, the model layer shoulder-length hair and bangs. Ponytail hair is identical to the woman because with bangs can give the impression of cute, fashionable and feminine of women who apply the model bangs haircut. On the models shoulder, length hair in a ponytail and bangs layer here is full and covered with chunks arched eyebrows. This model makes the shoulder-length hair with bangs style is more perfect.

Second, shoulder length hairdo with the order of the opposite direction. Shoulder-length straight hair cut and styled / combed the opposite direction of hair growth. Suppose you usually have combed over to the right because it is so innate, now you try to order left if you have been cut shoulder-length hair.

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