How get Minimalist Hair Process Start Finish
How get Minimalist Hair Process Start Finish, White no longer symbolizes age. It no longer symbolizes purity – it turns heads, prompting you to tilt your head and wonder – how does it look that good? It’s along the same lines as metallic hair – on paper, it sounds absurd; but on people, it looks stunning. And while it looks the perfect combination of elegant and fierce, the process of getting it that way is another story.Are you ready for it?“If you’re planning to go white, it is a really good idea to start prepping your hair beforehand so that the whole process is a lot less damaging,” said John Hathaway, hairstylist from Salon Republic, Beverly Hills Wilshire. “If I can work with a client who gives me a heads up that they’re planning on going icy platinum, with a good amount of time for them to start prepping hair before the treatment process, it’s a really good idea. I tell everyone to use Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle before their appointment – it works really well for bleached hair.” 

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