Heidi Klum Casual Ponytail Hairstyle Medium Hair
A simple hairdo still can make you look special. As a ponytail hairstyle, which looks simple but still elegant. Structuring ponytail was again a trend in the celebrity world. Want to try a ponytail style celebrity style? Let’s see.

First, the black tie ponytail. Julianne Hough shows this hairstyle at an awards show. With a typical bond that is not too strong so exposing the bulging at the top of the head, as well as using the rest of the hair to cover the scrunchy make this hairstyle looks very modern and chic in a various atmosphere.

How to organize: a little hair Sasak top, then grab all the hair and leave a little hair on the bottom. Tie the hair by using a hair band thin but not too strong, let the natural bound. Ensure that had bouffant hair slightly inflated, a trim bit with a tooth comb. Take the rest of the hair, then flip close ties to use small clamps to hold it, then wrap the bond. Then flip back the remaining hair on the bottom. Let bangs fall naturally. This order so that last a long time, use hairspray.

Second, the feathered ponytail. This simple ponytail style displayed by super model Heidi Klum. The hairstyle can highlight the shape of the jaw, cheek, and the overall face.

How to organize: Download all the hair including the bangs, use tooth comb back and tie neatly. Make sure the links are high on the back of the head. If the hair is not too long, you can use hair extensions that have been shaped ponytail. Use pretty black hair band. Spray hairspray hairstyle that lasts a long time.

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