Great Colored Hairstyles
Great Colored Hairstyles , Do you want to add another shade for your summer look? I bet your hair will look more fabulous with the latest bold colors and techniques in it. If you still don’t believe it, follow us with 19 great colored hairstyles for 2014!The bright blond can give you a refreshing look in the hot weather. If you have fine hair texture, this shade would look more perfect on you. For those girls who want to go lighter, the platinum shade will be to lighten up your summer. Besides, the beach-inspired gold blond tone is also a good choice for a perfect summer hair look for girls. For girls don’t want to make a big different to your hair look, you can add some subtle highlights for your hair and just adding a partial one would better than the full one. These wonderful colors will be able to give another shot of sparkle to your dark brunette look.

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