Gorgeous Prom Hairstyle Inspiration Short Hair
Gorgeous Prom Hairstyle Inspiration Short Hair, It’s your opportunity to dress up like a princess, do your makeup and have an exceptional night with your favourite people. You want to feel absolutely beautiful on your prom, and your hairstyle is one of the main ways to ensure you feel simply stunning. With long hair it’s easy to choose to wear your hair down or to create an elaborate up do, but this post is designed to prove that you can create a whole host of versatile looks with short hair too. Here’s a selection of gorgeous prom hairstyles for short hair.This sassy pink bob is starting our prom gallery off with a bang – don’t you think? You can recreate this incredible look with ease. Start by chopping your hair into a jaw length bob. Dye a pretty pink colour. Add curls throughout the hair. Work a pretty French braid from the front of the hair back towards the ear for a stunning end result.Up dos are made all the more special with the addition of braids – especially when it comes to special occasions like prom! Recreate this look by working a chunky French braid throughout the top of your hair. This will sweep the fringe section into a braid and keep any loose strands. Pull the ends of the hair into a bun. Leave some loose curly strands around the ears.

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