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Talk about women’s fashion, trend developments could occur with frequent and fast because women are more likely to pay attention to style and fashion than men. Not to mention, the variety of clothing that is much more than men, making women’s fashion fashion trends endless. Almost every year, fashion women will experience growth and changes both in terms of current fashion trends or popular color choices used by the designers or fashion designers in the exhibition. From the designer, will later inspire the fashion world to then launch a new trend especially when certain clothing worn by a public figure is on the rise, the faster the trend spreads. Given that women’s fashion is a trend this year may be a reference to a wardrobe filled with models up to date.

2014 fashion trends women will tend to lift motifs inspired by traditional themes of cultural heritage in Indonesia with the impression synonymous with glamour and geometric patterns. This pattern can be combined with traditional motifs like webbing that forms usually have geometric patterns such as lozenges, triangles, rectangles and other basic geometric shapes. Glamorous image will also be popular again but with no sequins look so glamorous image is obtained from the design, materials and styles without being excessive.

With the theme of traditional and glamorous does not mean that all models will fit every person charged, it is important to see what kind of posture themselves before buying a dress especially for the occasion – an important event and not to any formal costume. Floral motifs or flowers will still appear as an option alternative motive.

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Stunning Floral Prints Fashion Trends


Floral Prints Dress


Cute Floral Prints Fashion Trends


Beautiful Floral Prints Fashion Trends


Amazing Floral Prints Fashion Trends


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