Fashionable With Formal Dress, Long Pants and Work Suit. As already in the know, a suit is one of the mandatory attire for men. Coat / suit is actually a formal dress that at least European models consisting of a jacket and long pants made ​​from the same fabric and color. Jackets should be used outside of a shirt. In the UK, also known by the suit jacket.

 2014 The Suit You'll Want to Wear Every Day of the Week

The continued development of the fashion world, the more recent innovations of women work suit. Suit with pockets and big buttons are fashionable with a matching knee-length skirt, it will add to the impression of elegance and neat in your appearance. shirts that are used in the coat should also be selected that match.

Fashionable With Formal Dress, Long Pants and Work Suit, Photo Credit : © fabsugar

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