The mention of denim and jeans often cause confusion. There are some people who call jeans, others say denim pants, denim jackets or denim skirt. Is denim jeans can be called, or vice versa ? Denim is a fabric material that is sturdy made ​​of cotton twill. Carpet texture similar but thinner and smoother. First created, denim has only one color is indigo. But as the development of the times, made ​​other colors such as black, gray, white, and the bright colors of which are pink, green and blue light.

Miranda Kerr-Fashion Trend with Jeans

Jeans itself is a special designation for denim pants. Increasingly popular in the 80s to the present and subjected ranging from kids, teenagers and adults. From the general public, celebrities up when officials want to look casual. While the denim in the present, is more often used to refer to a series of clothing made from these materials. For example, denim skirt, denim jacket, denim dresses, denim skirts, denim shoes or handbags. So, denim or jeans although it has a different meaning, but has become a kind of ‘language’ that is universal among users and the fans. There is no need to mess around or complicated by the use of the two words. Let’s see more photos Fashion Trend with Jeans : Inspiring Celebrity Denim below :

Mandy Moore-Fashion Trend with Jeans

Lily Collins-Fashion Trend with Jeans

Emma Watson-Fashion Trend with Jeans

Ashley Madekwe-Fashion Trend with Jeans

Fashion Trend with Jeans : Inspiring Celebrity Denim, Photo credit : ©  harpersbazaar

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