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Dresses with line pattern looks classic and timeless crushed era. However, many people who do not want to wear clothes with this motif as it makes them look fat. Here are tips for wearing striped dress without fear looks fat :

First by choosing soft colors. This makes the line seem less obvious but still fresh and fun. If a strong line color / contrast, can make you look fat. Then look for the line that is small or narrow to maintain the shape of your body look slimmer. The wider the line, the more emphasis on horizontal shape, make you look wider. And the last tips by combining width and line color is a nice trick to look slimmer by wearing clothes or wear striped clothing striped asymmetrical.

Let’s see more photos Fashion Style Striped Dress for Summer below :

Wome's Style with Striped Dress


Striped Dresses For Summer


Stripe Summer Coat Dress


Cute Striped Dresses for Summer


Chic wih Striped Dress for Women


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Fashion Style Striped Dress for Summer, Photo credit : © wardrobelooks

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