Fall Dresses for Women’s Fashion Style - Dress Collection

Fall Dresses for Women's Fashion Style

Fall Dresses for Women’s Fashion Style – Autumn is the theme of dried leaves yellowing, style suitable for combined and match for this season are vintage. Still confused what to wear what color how? 5 The following items will be sufficient to meet the desires of your 1950s style that still exist.

1. Dress

Polka-dot motif is easiest to relate to the theme of war. Try to find another collection of old clothes your mother or maid and focus on polka-dot motif with foam shoulder and skirt are very typical. If no dresses, jeans and a polka-dot blouse can be worn. Adjust its size with the size of your body.

2. Socks

The easiest way to create a vintage style is to wear socks or shoes sandals premises. If you have, socks with lace accents inflate would be perfect for this style. You can also combine them with wedges last summer.

3. Watch

No need to buy. You can wear jewelry hereditary family. Persuade your mother or your sister to lend a necklace or bracelet for your collection.

4. Bag

To complete your look, the bag will fade very suitable impressed. Because autumn is synonymous with gradations of colors a little dark, then choose a bag with colors like maroon, brown, or yellow. The ideal color strap with 1950s style is a dark brown color.

5. Coat

The last item as complement your vintage style is a fur coat. Because the original would have been expensive and environmentally unfriendly, you should use the imitation only.

How, very easy right? good luck!

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Fall Dresses for Women’s Fashion Style

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Fall Dresses for Women’s Fashion Style - Dress Collection Inspiration