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Fabulous Short Hairstyles FreeSpirited Women, You don’t need masses of curly ringlets to create a romantic look, as this image proves.  Hair fashion has moved on from previous stereotypes and a modern, romantic look needs a touch of edginess to keep it real!  This medium layered bob is cut into a trendy A-line shape on fine hair.  But rough-drying it adds ‘messy’ texture and volume, highlighted by the two-tone blonde color design. Deep bangs accentuate well-shaped eyebrows and eyes, and shorter layers around the face highlight luscious red lips!Waves add volume to fine hair, but if your hair is thick or your head large, that may not be right for you.  However, you can get a super-chic look with the latest, flat fish-hook waves, especially if you add this gorgeous purple balayage.  In the distant past, creating fish-hook waves was considered a serious error when perming hair, but now it’s a really modern idea!  This amazing short bob also has an attractive, asymmetric line at the nape, with plum low-lights.  So now you can add lots of style and texture, without unwanted volume!Who’d have thought the original Mohawk warrior haircut, shown in the TV series ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ in the 1950’s, would become a modern classic haircut!  It was also part of 1970’s ‘punk’ culture and continues to be an incredibly popular and versatile haircut for women. Shaved sides/back are a strong hair fashion trend that’s also gaining popularity each season! This latest Mohawk variation blends braiding with, ‘street’, black roots and cute, Minnie Mouse bunches at the crown!  A true ‘fusion’ style you can also vary with ripple waves!

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