EyeCatching Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles
EyeCatching Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles, Kelly Osbourne has obtained the attention of public successfully since she was a little girl. She is the daughter of famous rock star and roll legend Ozzy Osbourne. We love her not only for her family reputation but also for her excellent talents on dressing and hairstyles. She always has her own way to look glamorous during all kinds of carpet shows. Today, we’ve rounded up 16 charming Kelly Osbourne hairstyles for her fans!Most of Kelly Osbourne hairstyles are featured with bright colors like hot pink, pale white and purple. Among all these hair colors, she managed to wear the purple hair beautifully than other celebrities. When it comes to short hairstyles, her fabulous fauxhawk is really impressive and attractive for all girls. Besides, her stylish choppy purple bob hairstyle is also a hot hit for those girls who want to go short this season. 

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