Emma Watson HairstylesEmma Watson Hair
Emma Watson HairstylesEmma Watson Hair , Emma Watson plays Ila in the upcoming film, Noah. From the trailer, Emma goes back to the old time, and wears no longer the fashionable clothes. Also, she completes her ragged look with a tousled hair, but actually she styles her hair in the loose braided do.However, Emma Watson is a head-turner when she gets back to the real world. She always shines for her look. Her hairstyle plays an important role for her glamorous look. Let’s see how she can rock both short and long haircut. Check it now.Emma Watson Long Hair style: 2014 Lovely Bun
Emma Watson styles her long hair in a lovely bun. Her strawberry-blonde tresses are so sleek and polished, pushed back and twisted into a bun. The bun doesn’t leave any locks for the forehead to open up her face and reveal her natural beauty. When you recreate the hairstyle, the first thing you do is to have your hair soft and glossy.

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