Easy Style Braided Hairstyles Long Hair  Inspired Creative Braided Hairstyle Concept
Easy Style Braided Hairstyles Long Hair Inspired Creative Braided Hairstyle Concept, Liven up long hair by creating this impressive high ponytail with simple braid detail!  A high, swishy pony is always a flirty option and this thick braid updates the look to a trendier style.   Lovely texture decorates the back on either side of the gleaming braid.  And the model’s beautiful, copper-brown hair color is very fashionable this season, too.Extra-long hair is perfect for a dramatic braided hairstyle and this lovely waterfall design will always get you a second (and third) look!  And the beautiful mix and match of soft beige-blonde highlights truly brings the asymmetrical plait to life!  The colorist has used deep brown roots as the background to vertical highlights moving up to pale ivory-blonde.  This creates amazing color patterns and the contrast helps make hair look thicker, too.City style is always at the cutting-edge of hair-fashion and this ultra-chic, gray braid hairstyle is perfect for glitzy social evenings!  The asymmetric braid is full of texture created by a wide-link, herring-bone fishtail spread out to adorn the back.  And the central, low ponytail has a light-blonde strand to cover the fastener decoratively.  The expert colorist has used graphite-gray on the roots, with a pretty shade of light-ash-blonde (with pink/beige tones), for the ombré.  And as you can see, this inspired color combo turns an already trendy braided style into a total scene-stealer!

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