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Easy Ponytail Hair Styles Sienna Miller Hair, Ponytail hairstyle is one that can be applied in a variety of formal and non-formal. In addition to simple and easy, a certain style of pigtail “ponytail” could also turn out to be the impression of cute, elegant or sexy. Usually, this hairstyle is a style with high binding and away from the nape of the neck. However, this simple order turned out to “save” a threat that can make the hair brittle and fall out easily.

Temitayo Ogunleye, Dermatology, says every woman should take care of her hair gently. Especially when you apply the pigtail ponytail hair. Because, when you comb the hair towards the back to be tied up, causing movement that is called the mini treatment facelift.

If this takes place every day, can disrupt nerve and cause headaches. “The pigtail style ponytail too tight will make a beautiful hair on the scalp so vulnerable to damage. Strands of silky hair are hair that is most susceptible to damage due to traction (pull-pull hair with rubber) from time to time. Eventually the hair loss and brittle hair root, “he said.

Temitayo advised applying the high-scrunchy varied. For example, a ponytail in a position of high, low, left or right sideways. Mostly, do not tie your hair in the same position consistently.

Also, the elasticity of hair rubber band should also be considered. Rubber hair soft and elastic not require a lot of time tying the knot of hair. As a result, the hair does not pull too tight and tense.

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